Cheap Singapore Accounting Software Is Not Good

Much online accounting software available in the market requires customers to get a subscription and them a monthly fee to be able to make use of the product. On the other hand is software that requires payment upfront. Sometimes people in Singapore are happy to see the price tag low only to find they are being charged for things that were not explained earlier. Normally a customer should not be charged a dime for back up accounting support but some companies do not include accounting software support services in the price tag of Singapore accounting software fooling customers. Even for subscription models, make sure you are not barred from using the accounting software if you fail to pay a month’s subscription.

Is the accounting system easily accessible?
Another point to keep in mind is to check on ease of access. Though it is good for security point of view to have log in ID and password, make sure you are not automatically logged out if the accounting software remains idle and not in use. User friendly interface and easy command to navigate through the software ensure speed and efficiency of work. Check that you understand the accounting system and work through it easily rather than having complicated software that asks for multiple commands to get to financial statements. The accounting software should be such so that it allows for scanning of documents and invoices obliterating the need to keep them safely for a long time.