Save Money on Tech

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Technology is rarely cheap. Today, it often eats up a big fraction of our salaries. But that’s alright given that technology has become an essential part of our social and personal lives. So the question is, how can we limit our spending on tech stuff while still enjoying it fully? Here are some helpful tips.

Use smart strips. Smart strips, like Surge Protector, can help save from your monthly electric bill by killing phantom power or standby power that most electronics consume when turned off. Smart strips can help you save 10% of your monthly power bill.

Use secondhand gadgets. A lot of secondhand gadgets still work perfectly fine. In a lot of cases, these gadgets were only sold because the previous owner just wants the latest product on the line. So if you find that a secondhand item will suit your needs just fine, then buy it instead of getting a brand new one of the same model but at twice the price. Just make sure that you thoroughly examine your purchase for hidden defects before you pay for it.

Shop online. Though buying online requires time and patience, the money you can save is immeasurably worth it. Online stores have cheaper prices compared to retail stores. There are even some who offer free shipping worldwide. But if you’re on the rush, it is best to buy in a retailing outlet than having to pay costly “next-day” or special shipping fee.

Buy rechargeable batteries. Since its invention, rechargeable batteries have always been a great power saving device. While rechargeables are initially more expensive than normal batteries, they can be used for much longer making them ultimately more cost-efficient.